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These menus are served from the barbecue off the back of our vintage Ute Ernie.

We use charcoal and fruit wood for all of our barbecue and cook over a live fire onsite so there will be some smoke.


We provide the compostable plates, cutlery, napkins,

please let us know if you require beverage staff.

Ernie is 65 years old - we can only offer this style in the Blenheim region.

Travel charges may apply.

Tailgate Barbecue

Feed the Crew Menu

(min 25 guests)

This is served hot off the grill for guests to pick up over a 1 hour period

Charcoal Grilled Cheese Burger, burger sauce, sesame bun

Smoked Hotdog, pickle relish, Carolina mustard, soft roll   - df

Low and Slow Pork Butt, cider slaw, bourbon caramelized apple  - gf, df

Pulled Lamb Shoulder, creamy potato salad, mint salsa verde - df

Spiced Shredded Chicken Thighs, coriander and lime slaw, crispy tostada  - gf, df


Stand Up Menu

(max 50 guests)


This is served continuously over a 3 hour period with waitstaff provided



Corn Tostada, fresh fish ceviche, salsa, coriander  - gf, df

Pork Belly Skewer, spring onion, miso dressing, togarashi  - gf, df

Cheese Burger Sider, burger sauce, sesame bun



12 hour Smoked Brisket Taco, ice berg, hot sauce mayo, pickles

Smoked Pork Loin, cider potato salad, mustard creme fraiche



Chocolate Mousse, peanut brittle


Buffet Style Menu One

(min 20 guests)


Serving table and platters are included.

Smoked Meats

Low and Slow Pork Butt, vinegar, BBQ sauce

Pulled Lamb Shoulder, rubbed cumin and coriander

Pork, Jalapeno and Cheddar Sausages



Potato Salad, soft egg, herbs

Slaw - Cabbage, carrot, celery, cider dressing

Pickles, bread rolls and house BBQ sauce


Buffet Style Menu Two

(min 20 guests)

Serving table and platters are included.

Meats  (Choose 3)

Beef Brisket, house made Horopito rub, smoked for 12 hours over charcoal and fruit wood

Grilled free-range pork loin, mustard and fennel rub

Butterflied lamb leg, mint salsa verde

Pork, Jalapeno and Cheddar Sausages

Brined Turkey Breast, cranberry and mustard relish


Fixins  (Choose 3)

Fresh Baked Cornbread

Potato Salad, soft egg, herbs

Slaw, cabbage, carrot, celery, cider dressing

Charcoal Braised Greens, smoked bacon burnt ends

Iceberg Wedge, ranch, crispy onions

Grilled Seasonal Vegetables, old bay butter  e.g. corn or asparagus when in season.